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Freelancer Drafting, Inc. is a Southern California based design firm. A working collective that brings together drafting specialists, engineers, builders, project managers and other professionals to meet project needs. Below is a detailed case study about the re-branding of Freelancer Drafting Inc.


The owner of Freelancer Drafting is a seasoned veteran when it comes to preparing the plans for a home remodel, home addition or any blueprint that will need to be approved by the city planner. We started by looking at a few blueprints he created and used these to start the process of thinking about the brand direction.



The first task was to gather as much information about Freelancer Drafting as we can. getting to know the business, Eric the owner and the expectations of his clients. He's inspired by the layout of his blueprints and is big on minimalism. After getting an idea of who Eric is and what his expectations are, I was able to start focusing on gathering examples of imagery, typography and color palettes.



Eric, being a hands on kinda guy was interested in shooting is own photos for the website. We scheduled a photoshoot in downtown Los Angeles as well as a trip to the bay area, we both brought our camera's but Eric's photos hit the mark, he had an exact vision and knew what to shoot. He's big on symmetry, black & white photography, classic design and how it blends with technology and modern design. 



When it came to designing the website, Eric gave me complete creative control over the design. At this point I knew exactly what Eric was looking for and the website design process went as planned. With little feedback on design we were able to finish the website in record time. Now we can focus on producing content. See site map below;

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 4.21.53 PM.png


Once the branding was complete, I created a simple style sheet that shows the logo placement, color scheme, imagery and brand collaterals. At this point the branding project was 99% complete and all that was left was to prepare the files for Print, Web and Social Media. With a happy client, a successful workflow and a brand that will work to help elevate Freelancer Drafting Inc., we were 100% satisfied with the project and proud to share with you all.  Another case solved by Kessell Graphics.


Eric Negrete and Carlos Kessell brainstorming on the big picture.

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