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Kessell Graphics produces consistent Graphic Design assets and collateralls to small & large businesses. Specializing in Brand Development & Management. The goal is to complete client fulfillment by taking ownership on every project, completing the task from start to finish. Once you're a client of Kessell Graphics we are always available for any tips, ideas and advice you might need.




I began my Graphic Design career in my early 20's with a true passion for exploring the art and creative process behind the industry of design. Since then, I have worked in numerous related industries such as; Advertising, Printing, Marketing, Real Estate, Entertainment, and Action Sports. With more than 15 years of experience working in graphic design programs, and a good deal of knowledge in photography, social media content, and website design, I am confident that my skills will prove themselves through my work. 


Traveling is something of a passion. Whether it is a weekend road trip, a cross country adventure, or a flight around the world, travelling has opened my eyes and increased my creativity by providing me with the ability to connect the marvels of nature, people, and places, with my passion for design.

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